BBO Crystal Frequency Doubling

The large spectral transmission range as well as phase matchability, especially in UV range, makes BBO perfectly suitable for frequency doubling of Dye, Ar+-ion and Copper vapour laser radiation, effective cascade harmonic generation of wide spread Nd:YAG as well as of Ti:Sapphire and Alexandrite laser radiation.

The phase matching angles of frequency doubling are shown in Fig.2.

BBO Crystal Frequency Doubling

Frequency doubling of dye lasers
670-530nm SHG –> 335-260nm: Type I, q=40°, f=0°;
600-440nm SHG –> 300-220nm: Type I, q=55°, f=0°;
444-410nm SHG –> 222-205nm: Type I, q=80°, f=0°;

Frequency doubling and tripling of alexandrite lasers
720-800nm SHG –> 360-400nm: Type I, q=31°, f=0°;
720-800nm THG –> 240-265nm: Type I, q=48°, f=0°;

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